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9/11 Widow Protests against Caitlyn Jenner’s Woman of the Year Award

In entertainment news, Caitlyn Jenner has been awarded the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year, beating celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon and Billie Jean King for the prize. This announcement was met with protest from 9/11 widow James Smith, whose wife Moira was bestowed with this same award for her heroic rescue, rushing into the building of the South Tower on the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Moira Smith was awarded the Woman of the Year posthumously. Smith expressed his outrage by angrily returning his wife’s award to the magazine, stating that there were brave women in the police force, armed services and medical fields that he believed to be more worthy of this honour. Caitlyn Jenner is a former pro-athlete, Kardashian reality star and now a trans gender celebrity, so she is no stranger to controversy. Spokespeople for the glamour magazine have acknowledged the bravery of Moira Smith, but have stood by their decision to award the prize to Caitlin Jenner.

Heather Locklear Shows Extreme Support to the Reported HIV-Positive Charlie Sheen

Heather Deen Locklear, who is a 54-year-old award winning actress, publicly showed her support to Charlie Sheen who has just recently reported to be HIV positive. After knowing hearing the horrible news, Locklear posted a picture of her, who has Charlie Sheen beside her, on Instagram with the line, “My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family”. Just in case you do not know, Charlie Sheen and Heather Deen Locklear are longtime friends.

Even though the actor does not admit yet admit that the report is true, the actress has already given her full support to her friend as early as now. In relation to this this very shocking news, Sheen was said to be appearing in Matt Lauer’s television show in Studio 1A titled “Today”. There will be a live one on one interview with Charlie Sheen and Matt Lauer himself. There were rumors that Sheen will only reveal everything in this particular show.


In the entertainment news, Charlie Sheen has come in the limelight due to his alleged HIV status. The renowned actor has had high and low moments in his acting career and personal life. His life has been linked to quite a number of divorces he has filed, drug addiction that led him to undergo some rehab sessions and the latest news with regard to his health condition. As one looks into the life of Charlie Sheen, it is apparent that he started from far and has been through a lot of life issues up to his current status.

One will notice that Charlie Sheen came to be known better after the film, “Red Dawn” that was shot in 1984. Despite the film being successful, for Sheen did not approve of its breakthrough stating that the directors did not focus much on the actors.

Charlie Sheen had gotten married to Paula Profit who was actually her girlfriend while in High school and they got a baby girl on 12th December, 1984. Later in 1986, Sheen starred in the “Platoon” film that ended up winning the Oscar Award. The movie was later to become the powerhouse of the box office collection in that year. This made Sheen become well acknowledged in the entertainment industry for his exceptional role in the movie. Actually, he was on the verge of becoming a star after that film.

Due to his well-established role as an actor, in 1987 Charlie Sheen starred in the “Wall Street’ film. Actually, this film became popular among viewers and interesting enough, his father Martin Sheen also had a role in that film. Due to his outstanding success in the film industry, Sheen received the Hollywood Walk of Fame acclamation in 1994. This was precisely attributed to his great roles when starring the “Wall Street”, “Major League” and “Platoon” films.

In his marriage life, in 1995 Sheen got married to Donna Peele where the two were later to divorce after one year (in 1996). In May 1998, the actor was found having taken an overdose on Cocaine that resulted to a stroke. Later he was to attend several rehabs to overcome the situation. She again got married with Denise Richards in 2002 after dating since 2001. They got two kids but later divorced due to issues related to drug abuse and threats that Sheen implicated on Richards.

Sheen was later to star in the “Two and a Half Men”, a film that made him receive three nominations for the Grammy Award. After losing his job from the show, Sheen was later to undergo public tantrum that emanated from his strange statements and stating that he had “tiger blood within” him. After later marrying again in 2008, it has been hard to explain his sanity due to the domestic violence he implicated on his wife Brooke Mueller.

Chirlie Sheen to disclose his HIV Status

There are reports that Chirlie Sheen is to make a revelation about his HIV status during an interview on the “Today” show on Tuesday morning. Sheen is expected to discuss about his HIV status. The former “Two and a half Men” star has been out of the spotlight for sometime. He lost his role in the show in 2011. later on, he starred in the show, “Anger Management.” The show was not renewed.

On Monday, NBC News announced that will have a live- sit down interview with Matt Lauer on Tuesday and that Chirlie Sheen is expected to make a “revealing personal announcement.”

He is 50 years old and has had multiple troubles through out his lifetime. He has had problems with substance abuse, relationship and legal struggles and now the HIV rumors could add up the list. He has also been married multiple times. In October 2014, it was announced that he and Brett Rossi, an adult film star, had ended their 8-month engagement.

Paul Walker to blame for his death, Claims Porsche

Paul pedestrian’s daughter, Field Walker has endured an obstacle in an instance she filed against Porsche regarding her daddy’s death.

Her suit has actually turned out to be an unlawful one after Porsche asserted Paul Pedestrian’s death was his very own mistake.

Replying to Meadow Pedestrian’s match, Porsche declares Paul was an experienced and also innovative customer of the 2005 Carrera GT. Porsche, the supplier of the car that Paul Walker was driving when he died says that Paul should have desisted from driving at a high-speed remembering the problems that alreadied existing.

In her suit, Field declares that the car’s design was malfunctioning. However, Porsche has actually rejected those claims claiming that the 2005 Carrera GT was misused and poorly kept.

Porsche has actually appeared defends themselves as well as if their cases are confirmed, it would foreclosure any sort of recuperation of cash. However the automobile business still recognizes that there might be comparative mistake. This suggests that Paul Pedestrian is partly at fault and also any sort of damages awarded need to be minimized accordingly.